Regardless of where they stand on the path toward retirement, many people feel overwhelmed by the idea of planning for this major life event.

Jan. 1, 2019 Video

Develop a Spending Plan. Save. Invest.


Regardless of where they stand on the path toward retirement, many people feel overwhelmed by the idea of planning for this major life event. After all, many retirees today live 20, 30 or even more, years in retirement. But retirement planning doesn’t have to be done overnight. Taking a few simple steps today, and sticking to them as you move through your career, can have a big impact on your retirement nest egg.

Develop a Spending Plan

The first step is to create, and follow, a spending plan.

  1. Understand your net monthly income. Know how much money you bring in after taxes, insurance, etc. Be sure to include all sources of income.
  2. Understand your monthly expenses. Know what essential expenses you have, such as rent/mortgage payments, utilities, groceries, etc. Don’t forget to include expenses you may pay less frequently, such as car insurance and medical expenses.
  3. Understand your non-essential expenditures such as entertainment expenses, meals out, vacations, etc. Identify any areas where you can make small cuts, and use that money to start saving for retirement. Even small changes today can add up over time.
  4. Subtract your monthly expenses from your income. If you have extra money, consider using it to kick-start your retirement savings.


A great way to start saving for retirement is by contributing to an employer-sponsored retirement plan. There can be tax advantages associated with doing so. Plus, you may be eligible for an employer-match in your 401(k) plan, which is essentially free money toward your retirement.


Now that you’ve put some money away, it’s time to make it start working for you. The investments you choose will depend on your age, risk tolerance and long-term goals. Try not to be overwhelmed by the options. A qualified wealth advisor can help you select an investment mix to meet your needs. Or, you may consider investing in target date funds, which are a diversified mix of investments designed to meet your retirement timeline.

The most important part about developing a spending plan, saving and investing for retirement? To start as early as possible.

Make today the day you invest in your financial future.


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