Your Questions Answered Backdoor Roth IRA Conversion

Your Questions, Answered: Backdoor Roth IRA Conversion

December 17, 2020
On this week’s episode of Your Questions, Answered  Meredith Rice  and  Brian Leitner  discuss Roth IRA planning, and answer...
Wealth Management Beyond the Balance Sheet, Article

360° Wealth Management: Getting Beyond the Balance Sheet

May 26, 2020
When you seek the help of a wealth advisor, you may go into it with a broad goal of...
Your Life, Simplified Podcast Episode: Tax Rewind: A Synopsis of the Recent Changes

Tax Rewind: A Synopsis of the Recent Changes (36:52)

April 23, 2020
SECURE Act, CARES Act, Small Business Loans and Paycheck Protection Program. There have certainly been many changes to the...
Five Common Tax Questions, Wealth Planning

Five Common Tax Questions

April 23, 2020
Q: Does it make sense for me to itemize deductions on my taxes? A:  It depends. If your...

The Place You Call Home: Relocating to a Tax-Friendly State

March 5, 2020
Potential Tax Advantages to Relocation If you’re retiring and thinking about relocating or have a job that...

Common Tax Errors

March 4, 2020
When you meet with your wealth advisor, he or she can coordinate with your CPA or attorney to help...

New Coronavirus Relief Package to Help Aid Americans and Businesses

March 2, 2020
Congress recently passed the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act,” bill, and the president signed it into law March 18,...
Tax Law and Home Ownership, Article

Taxes & Home Ownership: What Interest Can You Deduct?

February 26, 2020
As you think about your tax strategy, it’s important to be updated on what type of interest you can...
Tax Advantages To Combining College Funding with Estate Planning

Tax Advantages To Combining College Funding with Estate Planning

February 17, 2020
When planning for a loved one’s education, it might make sense to combine college saving with estate planning. In...
Estate and Gift Tax Quick Facts, Tax Strategies

Estate and Gift Tax Quick Facts

February 15, 2020
You can give a certain amount in tax-free gifts or transfer wealth throughout your lifetime without having to pay taxes. Your lifetime...

Financial Advice: It Shouldn’t Be the Same for Everyone

January 30, 2020
Have you ever received unsolicited financial advice? Your friend tells you Roth IRAs are a home run. Your neighbor...
When to Consider a Roth IRA Conversion, Business Owner

When to Consider a Roth IRA Conversion

January 2, 2020
Sometimes life changes, such as launching a new business, can mean a temporary reduction in household income. During times...

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