First Rule of Hole Management Stop Digging

First Rule of Hole Management – Stop Digging

June 8, 2020
When I was at UMB Bank I worked with Jim Moffett, a nationally known foreign stock investor. One of...

Moody Money: A Look Into Financial Anxiety (25:24)

May 19, 2020
Many of us have experienced some level of stress when it comes to money, but some individuals experience symptoms...
How Are Your Finances Affected by the CARES Act?

How Are Your Finances Affected by the CARES Act?

May 1, 2020
Q: The CARES Act contains so much information. Can you explain the pieces of the legislation that are of...

Relief For Students

April 21, 2020
If you have a college student who has had his or her semester of in-class learning turned into a...

CARES Act: What Does It Mean For You?

April 2, 2020
The full impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Pandemic will not likely be known for many years. With new phrases...

Coping with a Crisis (25:50)

April 2, 2020
Whether it is a government-issued, stay-at-home order, an unavoidable crisis or market turmoil, sometimes it can feel like control...

COVID Stimulus Package: Notes for Business Owners

April 1, 2020
With the massive impact of COVID-19 rippling across multiple industries and the resulting potential for a recession looming over...

Coronavirus Update with Dr. Chris Jenson (23:54)

March 17, 2020
As you practice precautions to help keep yourself and your family healthy, consider these additional safety tips. Dr. Chris...

New Coronavirus Relief Package to Help Aid Americans and Businesses

March 2, 2020
Congress recently passed the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act,” bill, and the president signed it into law March 18,...

Women Often Put Others First, Why Not Their Retirement Too?

February 25, 2020
Women juggle a lot of roles, from career professional to caregiver, but there’s one crucial thing most don’t do...

Love or Money…Why Not Both? (27:23)

February 18, 2020
Whether couples have shared or separate accounts, it’s important to communicate about finances, values and goals. Having these discussions...

How To Select A Philanthropic Organization To Support

February 18, 2020
Recent studies show that we are a very giving country. In 2018, the United States was estimated to have...

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