Implications of Investor Behavior

Implications of Investor Behavior

Tuesday, Oct. 17 | 3 p.m. CT

Investment returns are often thought of as a purely quantitative product of markets, risk, timing or expertise. As investors, our emotional experience also plays a role. Join us for a lighthearted discussion around how emotions influence decision-making, how even objective ideas are subject to individual perception, and how money can influence cognition. We hope you’ll come away with a new appreciation for how we perceive investments and our financial future.

Generating Alternative Cashflow in Uncertain Markets

Generating Alternative Cash Flow in Uncertain Markets

Creating an effective cash flow plan helps ensure you have enough income to draw on in retirement. If you’re looking for innovative ways to generate income when markets fluctuate, join us for this timely webinar hosted by Brett Kunshek, CFA®, who is head of options and structured notes at our firm. He’ll share strategies for creating diversified income streams while helping to protect your portfolio from downside risk.

Tax reduction

Take Advantage of 2023 Tax Reduction Strategies

Tune in to this timely webinar featuring speaker Todd Block, director of tax, and moderator Dylan Younce, senior wealth consultant, who will cover proactive tax strategies to consider before year-end including how to reduce your taxable estate before the federal lifetime estate tax exemption sunsets at the end of 2025 and how to manage the tax implications of concentrated stock positions.

Take Advantage of 2023 Tax Reduction Strategies Presentation

2023 Midyear Crystal Ball Outlook

2023 Midyear Crystal Ball Outlook

Tune in to hear our annual midyear market outlook featuring Chief Investment Strategist Jeff Krumpelman and Chief Investment Officer Katrina Radenberg who will share their market perspectives including whether we’re at the beginning of a new bull market or just a rally during an ongoing bear market. Among other topics they’ll touch on: inflation trends and the expected Federal Reserve path going forward.

Providing Financial Security for Loved Ones With Special Needs

If you or a loved one is living with a disability, you may not have had the time or guidance to build a plan to provide financial security. This webinar offers practical advice from Cory Allen, CFP®, ChSNC® and Kevne Sharpe, CFP®, ChSNC®, AEP® who are Chartered Special Needs Consultants. They’ll cover how to navigate government resources, develop a long-term cash flow plan, use insurance policies to mitigate risk and establish trusts and a letter of intent. The goal is to give you tangible strategies you can put in place to help create financial security for yourself or loved ones living with special needs.

Protect Yourself From Scams

Protect Yourself From Scams

Collin Connors, information security consultant at ERMProtect Cybersecurity Solutions, will share ways you can protect yourself from cybercriminals, whose techniques are becoming more and more advanced. Learn how to avoid email and phone-based attacks, understand smishing and vishing and be aware everywhere from on the Internet to on the move as you travel.

Estate Planning for 2026 & Beyond

Estate Planning for 2026 & Beyond

The lifetime estate planning exemption of $12.9 million is set to expire in three years and after that will be cut in half. What proactive steps should you take today to minimize taxes? What does the future of estate planning look like? This webinar offers answers and features a broad discussion of estate planning.

Empowering Women in Investing Webinar

Empowering Women in Wealth

Hear from our firm’s female leaders on the growing importance of the role women play in managing wealth for their families and their legacies. We will discuss navigating a variety of life’s challenges as well as how we as women can come together to build more wealth for future generations.

SECURE 2.0 Act Overview

Congress recently passed new legislation that brings sweeping changes to how we save for retirement, including raising the age of required minimum distributions to 73 this year. Tune in to our webinar featuring our Managing Director of Tax, Jodi Robinson and Senior Retirement Plan Advisor, Thomas Hardy, who will break down how this new bill affects your retirement saving strategies. 

2023 Crystal Ball Outlook

2023 Market Outlook

Tune in to our annual market outlook webinar to hear Jeff Krumpelman, chief investment strategist and head of equities, and Katrina Radenberg, chief investment officer, share what’s ahead in 2023. They’ll discuss the topics on everyone’s minds including whether a recession is likely and, if so, the impact it could have on the markets, plus how the Federal Reserve’s inflation fighting policies continue to affect the markets. The team will also offer a forecast for corporate earnings growth and S&P 500 price level. The webinar will be followed by a live Q&A.

Managing Emotional Investing

Managing Emotional Investing

Has this year’s market downturn kept you awake at night? Want to learn how to prevent emotions from taking over during periods of extreme market volatility? Join us for this informative webinar hosted by Jude Grimaldi, manager, technology consulting, and featuring Christina Lynn, practice management consultant, and Drew McDowell, managing director & senior wealth advisor.

year-end discussion

Year-End Planning Roundtable Discussion

As the year wraps up, we’ve brought together a panel to discuss reminders about taking care of year-end financial items like maximizing charitable and retirement plan contributions, as well as implementing strategies for minimizing taxes and reducing your taxable estate.

Open enrollment live webinar

Open Enrollment: How to Benefit From Your Benefits

Jude Grimaldi, manager, technology consulting and Kevin Ahern, manager, human resources share cover how significant life events offer the opportunity to plan for future, discuss HSA vs. FSA and talk 401 (k) options. They will also examine the benefits you might not realize you have access to such as critical event coverage, supplemental insurance and disability.


Tax Planning: 5 Considerations Before the End of 2022

Jude Grimaldi, manager, technology consulting and Jodi Robinson, managing director, tax discuss Tax Planning: 5 Considerations Before the End of 2022. Learn more about tax loss harvesting, year-end gifting to family, Roth conversion and 529 plans. Jodi will also explore key potential tax policy updates and changes.

Comprehensive wealth planning

Comprehensive Wealth Planning

Jude Grimaldi, manager, technology consulting, hosted a discussion with panelists Chad Hamilton, senior vice president, practice management, Michelle Cross, senior wealth advisor, and Justin Richter, senior wealth advisor, on comprehensive wealth planning—and why it’s key to helping you reach your financial goals.

Crystal Ball

2022 Mid-Year Crystal Ball Outlook

Tune in to hear Chief Investment Strategist and Head of Equities Jeff Krumpelman and Chief Investment Officer Katrina Radenberg shared their market outlook for the second half of the year. Among the questions they’ll tackle: Have we simply experienced rising volatility and a normal, significant shorter-term market correction in the first half or is the U.S. economy on the precipice of an ugly recession and a deeper, more extended bear market?

2022 Mid-Year Crystal Ball Outlook Webinar Presentation

Nice Start to the Second Half…Issues to Resolve, But We Remain Positive

Women in Investing

Suzanne Wheeler, CFP®, AIF®, CeFT®, managing director and senior wealth advisor, hosts a webinar dedicated to empowering women. Among the topics she discusses: actionable strategies for how to navigate life transitions like divorce, loss of a spouse, selling a business and retirement including investment and estate planning.

Charitable Planning and Giving

Charitable Planning & Giving

Learn more about the potential impact charitable giving can have on taxes. We also cover impactful estate planning, IRA considerations, investing and gifting alignment and best practices for using assets to fund philanthropy.

Strategies for Your Medicare Journey

Strategies for Your Medicare Journey

When approaching retirement, many individuals are unsure of their Medicare options, eligibility and how to enroll. In this webinar, Joanne Giardini-Russell, CEO of Giardini Medicare, offers strategies to help you navigate the Medicare system.

Crystal Ball 2022 Header

January 2022 Crystal Ball Outlook

Our annual webinar featuring Jeff Krumpelman, chief investment strategist and head of equities, and Katrina Radenberg, chief investment officer, who be share their market outlook for 2022.

Among the topics they cover: risk factors, such as elevated inflation, shifts in Federal Reserve policy, supply chain bottlenecks, midterm elections and ongoing pandemic concerns. Katrina and Jeff will examine the potential impact of all of these items on financial markets and discuss what to expect around interest rates and market returns in 2022.

Year-End Planning Roundtable

Before looking forward to 2022, register for our next webinar for an overview of 2021 and what we can learn from this year. We will be joined by a group of colleagues who support the firm in our efforts to provide a 360° approach to wealth management. The discussion will include planning reminders related to tax, charitable planning, retirement and estate planning.

A smarter way to give

A Smarter Way to Give

As the holiday season approaches, how will you support your favorite charitable causes? You might want to consider ways to donate that offer you a chance to give back while also minimizing your tax burden in 2021. This webinar will explore the differences among common giving strategies and share tips for making a greater charitable impact.

Estate Planning in Light of Potential Tax Changes

Estate Planning in Light of Potential Tax Changes

We hope you’ll join us for a lively discussion around what to think about as you evaluate your estate plan given President Biden’s proposed tax changes. Scott Lanhau, estate planning consultant for our practice management team, will offer an overview of the estate tax landscape, including legislative proposals, along with an action plan for which estate planning essentials and opportunities you and your wealth team might consider when you update your estate plan.

Navigating the College Search

Navigating the College Search During a Pandemic

With in-person campus visits cancelled and ACT and SAT testing evolving daily, the current college search environment, for high school students and their parents, can be quite challenging. To help us navigate this topic, we invite Cozy Wittman, a national college search expert from College Inside Track, to share important and effective strategies to help your family stay on track. She’ll also cover how to do an effective college tour with campuses closed, how to take advantage of scholarships and tips on standardized testing during a pandemic.

Simple Safeguards: How to Stay Safe from Cyber Crime and Identity Theft

Jeff Lanza, a former FBI special agent who spent more than 20 years investigating cybercrime, corruption, fraud and organized crime, shares with us the simple steps we can employ to help keep our identities safe and stay protected from cyber fraud. He’ll explain what to watch for, including phishing attempts, risks living within the internet and email, and provide prevention tips and techniques. We encourage you to invite friends and family by sharing the presentation link.

Jeff Lanza’s Identity Theft and Cybercrime Handout

It’s Your Money - Beyond Finances

It’s Your Money – Beyond Finances

Jana Shoulders discusses key issues women face when managing their finances. We’ll begin by talking about why empowering women to take control of their financial future is an important topic. Then we’ll dig into what some of the issues are, such as women statistically living longer than men and at some point becoming the sole person making financial decisions and how we can address those issues. Please share this invite with your friends and family.

Tax Overview

We hope you’ll join us for what promises to be a robust discussion covering timely tax topics as you plan for the year ahead. 

Discussion Topics to Include:

  • President Joe Biden’s tax proposal: potential changes to capital gains, tax loss harvesting and concentrated positions plus possible stimulus checks
  • Tax Planning Strategies to Consider (regardless of legislative outcome)
  • Roth IRA conversions: how Roth accounts can help to minimize tax impact
  • Tax loss harvesting and asset location: how to apply these strategies in your wealth plan
  • Estate planning changes: legacy exemption considerations, state and federal exemption limits and the 2025 sunset on lifetime exemption amounts
Mariner Wealth Advisors 2021 Crystal Ball Outlook

Crystal Ball Outlook for 2021

Who would have thought the U.S. large-cap stock market would exhibit so much strength in 2020 — a year marked by a pandemic that caused a swift recession with spikes in unemployment and declines in GDP that were at Depression-era levels. In the spring, many were predicting doom and gloom for the year and suggesting investors should reduce equity exposure. We concluded that prudent and aggressive fiscal policy responses would enable the economy to weather a self-induced soft patch to invest in our health. While we have been a bit surprised by just how swift the S&P 500 has recouped the losses and moved to new highs, we are glad we got the trend right. This begs the question, “Is the 2020 rally in the S&P 500 unwarranted and simply a sandcastle in the sky?” After all, this impressive price advance occurred as COVID-19 was spreading at record levels during the “second wave.” What comes next? Please watch our Crystal Ball Outlook for 2021 to hear perspectives from Jeff Krumpelman, chief investment strategist, and Katrina Scott, chief investment officer.

End of Year Recap

End of Year Recap

Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Conscious Investing

Join us for this robust discussion on how you can align your values with your investing strategy. You’ll leave the webinar with key steps to better understand the opportunity and how to take action.

Strategies for Year-End Planning

Strategies for Year-End Tax Planning

In this video, we hear insights from our panelists, Geoffrey Bremer, CPA, Andrew Welzel, and Brian Leitner, CFP®, ChFC® as they discuss wealth planning and tax strategies to potentially save you money as this eventful year winds down.

How to Stay Healthy in Your Wealth and Wealthy in Your Health

How to Stay Healthy in Your Wealth and Wealthy in Your Health

Did you know that your health can play a very important role in your overall wealth? Join as we discuss this important connection.

3 Buckets Strategy

3 Buckets Strategy

One of the keys to a financially successful retirement is replacing your earned income. In this live webinar, we’ll talk about the difference between creating cash flow vs. income along with a strategy to do so.

The Election and the Economy

The Election and the Economy

Our chief economist and others share how the presidential election might change the tax & economic landscape.

Why Do Stocks Go Up During a Pandemic

Why Do Stocks Go Up During a Pandemic?

We’re still in the middle of a pandemic not seen since the Spanish Flu. Businesses are closing all around us, and our lives have been disrupted, yet the stock market not only recovered, but it has also become positive for the year so far. Why? Join us as Jeff Krumpelman shares his insights.


The S&P 500 Index is a market-value weighted index provided by Standard & Poor’s and is comprised of 500 companies chosen for market size and industry group representation.

The impact of COVID-19, and other infectious illness outbreaks that may arise in the future, could adversely affect the economies of many nations or the entire global economy, individual issuers and capital markets in ways that cannot necessarily be foreseen. The duration of the COVID-19 outbreak and its effects cannot be determined with certainty.

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