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Medicare Planning Session – Making Informed Choices

Medicare can be confusing. During this session we will address the following questions to provide you with a solid foundation. 

  • What is Medicare?
  • When and how do I enroll?
  • How much does Medicare cost?
  • What are my options for obtaining additional coverage benefits? 
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Implications of Investor Behavior

Investment returns are often thought of as a purely quantitative product of markets, risk, timing or expertise. As investors, our emotional experience also plays a role. Join us for a lighthearted discussion around how emotions influence decision-making, how even objective ideas are subject to individual perception and how money can influence cognition.

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Generating Alternative Cash Flow in Uncertain Markets

Creating an effective cash flow plan helps ensure you have enough income to draw on in retirement. If you’re looking for innovative ways to generate income when markets fluctuate, join us for this timely webinar hosted by Brett Kunshek, CFA®, who is head of options and structured notes at our firm.

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Tax reduction

Take Advantage of 2023 Tax Reduction Strategies

Tune in to this timely webinar featuring speaker Todd Block, director of tax, and moderator Dylan Younce, senior wealth consultant, who will cover proactive tax strategies to consider before year-end, including how to reduce your taxable estate before the federal lifetime estate tax exemption sunsets at the end of 2025.

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2023 Midyear Crystal Ball Outlook

Tune in to hear our annual midyear market outlook featuring Chief Investment Strategist Jeff Krumpelman and Chief Investment Officer Katrina Radenberg, who will share their market perspectives, including whether we’re at the beginning of a new bull market or just a rally during an ongoing bear market.

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Providing Financial Security for Loved Ones With Special Needs

If you or a loved one is living with a disability, you may not have had the time or guidance to build a plan to provide financial security. This webinar offers practical advice from Cory Allen, CFP®, ChSNC®, and Kevne Sharpe, CFP®, ChSNC®, AEP®, who are Chartered Special Needs Consultants.

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Protect Yourself From Scams

Collin Connors, information security consultant at ERMProtect Cybersecurity Solutions, will share ways you can protect yourself from cybercriminals, whose techniques are becoming more and more advanced. Learn how to avoid email and phone-based attacks, and be aware everywhere from on the internet to on the move as you travel.

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Estate Planning for 2026 & Beyond

The lifetime estate planning exemption of $12.9 million is set to expire in three years and after that will be cut in half. What proactive steps should you take today to minimize taxes? What does the future of estate planning look like? This webinar offers answers and features a broad discussion of estate planning.

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Empowering Women in Wealth

Hear from our firm’s female leaders on the growing importance of the role women play in managing wealth for their families and their legacies. We will discuss navigating a variety of life’s challenges as well as how we as women can come together to build more wealth for future generations.

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SECURE 2.0 Act Overview

Congress recently passed new legislation that brings sweeping changes to how we save for retirement, including raising the age of required minimum distributions to 73 this year. Tune in to our webinar featuring our Managing Director of Tax, Jodi Robinson, and Senior Retirement Plan Advisor, Thomas Hardy.

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2023 Market Outlook

Tune in to our annual market outlook webinar to hear Jeff Krumpelman, chief investment strategist and head of equities, and Katrina Radenberg, chief investment officer, share what’s ahead in 2023. They’ll discuss the topics on everyone’s minds, including whether a recession is likely and, if so, the impact it could have on the markets.

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