Savant Investment Group Has a New Name

What Does That Mean to You?

After thoughtful planning for our future, Savant Investment Group became part of Mariner Wealth Advisors, a national firm with offices across the U.S., on Dec. 15, 2021. We are confident it’s the right step for our firm, employees and clients. Mariner Wealth Advisors’ approach to operating in a boutique manner by offering clients a personalized approach to wealth planning aligns with the way we have always done business.

Expanded Services & Resources

Like us, Mariner Wealth Advisors offers private wealth management to individuals, families nonprofits, and retirement plans. We are now able to expand the wealth management services we offer clients such as insurance, tax planning and preparation, estate planning, trust services and investment banking. These services will allow us to provide you with more comprehensive wealth and retirement planning that takes into account every aspect of your financial life.

Consistent Client Service

The team you’ve worked with will continue to provide the same level of attention you deserve and expect from the same office location. All of Savant’s employees will continue with Mariner Wealth Advisors. And, your fees will not change as a result of this transition.

We’re very enthusiastic about joining Mariner Wealth Advisors. We feel a strong connection to their client first, associate second, shareholder last philosophy. We know that this opportunity will enhance the services we are able to offer you.

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