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We have an extensive history of providing public and governmental expertise to state, county, municipal, police, fire and transportation retirement plans and operating portfolios. We are experienced in working with local ordinances and state statutes and we have an intimate knowledge of what plan attorneys, actuaries, auditors, and other service providers are discussing with public fund clients.

We advise collectively bargained Taft-Hartley plans around the country including pension, health and welfare, annuity savings, insurance trusts, and training funds. Our understanding of the unique design features, regulatory landscape, and nature of Taft-Hartley plans allows us to find and develop actionable solutions.

We work closely with our nonprofit clients to understand their needs and to develop customized solutions that are aligned with their goals and values. Acting as fiduciaries, we help our clients develop spending policies, recommending asset allocation and portfolio strategies that seek to achieve their objectives while also managing risk and meeting budgetary requirements.

Traditional Plan Services

Defined Contribution Plan Services

Awards & Accolades

Mike Welker National Managing Director at Mariner
Bryan Bakardjiev National Director Institutional Consultant at Mariner
Troy Brown Managing Director Institutional Advisory Services at Mariner
David Stofer, ChFC®, CLU®, Managing Director, Retirement Plan Solutions at Mariner 
Jack Evatt Director Institutional Advisory Services at Mariner
Dan Johnson Director Institutional Advisory Services at Mariner
Jacob Peacock Director Institutional Advisory Services at Mariner
Steve Gordon Director Senior Institutional Consultant at Mariner
Angie Rosson, Director of Retirement Plan Solutions at Mariner Wealth Advisors

Within the Mariner Institutional brand, several SEC Registered Investment Advisers serve our institutional client base, including Mariner Institutional, LLC and Mariner Wealth Advisors, LLC. Certain information or services may be currently provided only by certain affiliates within the Mariner Institutional brand and are subject to additional fees. For additional information refer to

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