Creating A Financial Game Plan

March 16, 2017

Mark Vlasic, senior wealth advisor: During a seven and a half year career as an NFL quarterback I had an opportunity that not many have, and that is to live out a childhood dream. As exciting as that was, part of the job as a quarterback was to prepare each week to defeat our opponent and implement and execute a game plan. There were distractions that pulled you away from what you were to be focused on.

Many of those distractions were off the field and had to rely on other advisors, other people to help orchestrate and pull those things together. Too often during the career, I had experienced myself and watched teammates and friends rely on other to put together a game plan for them that in the end were probably not in their best interests. Whether it was investment opportunities that seemed too good to be true, trying to hit that next home run. Quite often you saw these individuals forget that they have already hit that home run and that really what they needed to do was protect what they had to last for a lifetime.

Creating A Dynamic Game Plan

We start with a game plan. We sit down with our clients, we learn and understand and clarify their goals, their dreams. Together we help them create a game plan, and it’s not just a game plan that is on paper, it’s a dynamic game plan. We then practice and rehearse, we look at multiple scenarios and what-ifs and we stress test that game plan.

Then we work and pull together the top resources and implement this game plan. Now what’s important is not just to implement it, but to continue to monitor it because life changes and we want to make sure we adjust and we modify our game plan along the way as our client’s lives change. When we do this, we help clients focus on what important to them, spending time with their families, spending time on their careers, so that they know and have a peace of mind, this is taken care of for them.

Quarterbacking Resources For Your Benefit

Mariner’s unique in that we have pooled together incredible experts who work in very specific fields. We have a tax team, we have a trust team, we have investment experts. And, as the quarterback, I work with clients to pool all of those resources together to help insure the best interests of our clients are at heart, and collaborate with this team to make sure the client is able to achieve everything that is important to them and to live their best life.

Helping You Enjoy Life

A successful client relationship can take many different directions and it’s different for every client relationship. For some clients, it’s ensuring that they do not run out of money and that they have sufficient assets to provide a lifetime of income. For some clients, it’s making sure that their heirs are taking care of and their family is taken care of. For other clients, it’s minimizing the taxes. For other clients, it’s protecting their assets. For some clients, it’s helping them create and implement a legacy for them and their family.

Reaching Your Goals

It’s been great working in this field and being able to help a friend who was a business owner and held stock in their company. The game plan was to retire at age 60, and it was incredibly exciting to help them understand, maybe even five years earlier have the opportunity to cash in and not have to worry about the changing regulatory environment that’s going to affect their company.

He does not have to spend more time focusing on the business, the business took care of him. We were able to identify that what he was able to sell it for, even though it had potential to go up exponentially in the future, he had what he needed to take care of himself, his family. They were able to buy a second home, and it’s a second home that their kids and grandkids come to and spend time together.

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