Retirement services for pilots

Aviation Retirement Services

As a pilot, you bring people together in ways that weren’t possible before aviation. And, because you’re a pilot, you have different concerns than others when it comes to saving for retirement, risk management and caring for your family, should something happen to you.

Issues like the risk of losing medical insurance, operating another business on the side, the financial dangers of a furlough, forced retirement at 65, the economic impact on airlines, seniority-based pay, getting insurance, military benefits and profit sharing plans play a critical role in your financial life.

You understand the value of precision, knowledge and avoiding mistakes in the cockpit, why should your finances be any different? It's time to become PIC of your finances. At Mariner Wealth Advisors, we have a team that is well-versed in the benefits of pilots as well as your concerns. Let the team help you navigate your financial future.


Financial and investment planning is not a product; it is an ongoing process between Mariner Wealth Advisors and you. This philosophy is the foundation of our wealth advice. Once your plan is developed, we will:

  1. Implement your customized wealth strategy
  2. Work side-by-side with you and your family
  3. Monitoring your financial plan
  4. Work closely with your other professional advisors to make sure your wealth and retirement goals, tax strategies and estate plans are part of one coordinated effort


Mariner Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with Southwest Airlines or Delta Airlines. Any reference to them should not be construed as an endorsement by either party.

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