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The right support makes all the difference. That’s why our advisors have access to an in-house team of wealth management professionals. They use their know-how to tap into the right resources and solutions for your complex wealth challenges. Because when advisors have access to a more collaborative approach, you get access to more sophisticated solutions.

Estate Planning: A Critical Consideration for Divorcees

June 10, 2024
Divorce is often emotionally and mentally draining, as parting couples experience anger and disappointment while navigating complex legal processes...
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A Merry May on the Heels of an Awful April. The Merits of Staying Measured.

June 7, 2024
“It’s the economy, stupid!” —Slogan coined by James Carville, well-known campaign strategist, and former President Bill Clinton during...
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As a professional athlete, you train hard, play hard and strive to win. We want you to succeed in your sport and beyond, which is why we partner with you on a wealth management plan that includes personal insurance solutions to help protect you on and off the field, multi-state tax filing assistance, tax planning and income protection strategies.

Whether you are just starting your practice or are in a later stage in your career and considering selling your business, Mariner is here to help you at every stage. And you can rely on us to serve as a fiduciary, always acting in your best interests. Plus, we have a group of advisors who specialize in working with dentists—they understand what is important to you and your practice.

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably inspired to bring new ideas to life through innovative products and services. We work with business owners like yourself to create a financial plan that might include valuation of your company, maintaining cash flow and creating a succession strategy. Our wealth advisors can help you create a foundation for success today and in the future.

As a busy doctor who takes care of others, you may not have time to focus on your finances and retirement goals. We offer financial planning for physicians and other medical professionals like yourself that includes wealth management, charitable giving, asset protection and estate planning to help you provide financial security for yourself and your family.

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