Wealth Management for Business Owners

Customized Personal Wealth Management & Wealth Planning for Entrepreneurs

Personal & Business Wealth Management Solutions

Your advisor will collaborate with in-house teams to provide you with personal wealth management and business strategies designed to complement one another. We know your first priority is your business and making it thrive, that’s why we make you and your finances, whether personal or business, our top priority. Your team may include professionals from Mariner Capital Advisors, retirement plan solutions and our tax group. Together, they offer advice throughout the lifecycle of your business and your life.

Our Specialized Services for Business Owners

Disciplined Valuation Process

To help secure offers from high-quality companies.

Financial Reporting Standards Advice

For shareholders, creditors, auditors and regulatory bodies.

Accounting and Finance Experience

To help uncover and resolve potential issues.

Personal Wealth Management

Including asset allocation, insurance coverage and estate planning.

Mariner Wealth Advisors does not provide all services listed in this piece. Some services are provided by affiliates and are subject to additional fees. Additional fees may also apply for tax planning and preparation services.

*Sell side engagements that include an offering of securities may include the engagement of our affiliated broker dealer, MSEC, LLC, and may include additional requirements not detailed herein.

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