Wealth Management for Medical Professionals

Taking Care of Medical Professionals’ Assets and Well-Being

As a busy medical professional, you probably haven’t had time to create a financial plan for yourself and your family. We can help ease that stress by providing financial planning. We want to help ensure you have a wealth management plan and strategies to protect your assets today and over the long-term.

Our Specialized Services for Medical Professionals


A comprehensive platform that tracks cash flow and net worth and has a secure online “vault” to house key financial documents and centralize account information.

529 Plans

That can be structured to help minimize taxes and maximize contributions to help pay educational costs for children.

Advice on Asset Allocation and Diversification

Stress testing portfolio, alternative strategies, investment recommendations.

Calculation and Review of Equity Stake

Selling a practice and a succession plan if you have a stake or ownership in your business

Mariner Wealth Advisors does not provide all services listed in this piece. Some services are provided by affiliates and are subject to additional fees. Additional fees may also apply for tax planning and preparation services.

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