Wealth Management for Professional Athletes

Customized Wealth Planning for Professional Athletes

Asset Protection for Every Season in Life

Our financial advisors for athletes work with more than 100 professional athletes, so they understand the concerns you face, from how to maximize savings during peak earnings years to how to make sure you have enough insurance to replace income and other assets should you get hurt while playing and not be able to return to the sport. We also have a tax team that offers multi-state tax preparation and tax planning strategies to help you navigate complex tax situations.

Our Specialized Services for Professional Athletes

Salary and Savings Scenarios

Strategies to help protect and grow earnings during top earning years and post-athletic career

Insurance Services

Recommendations on personal insurance solutions including income replacement and disability coverage to help preserve your assets and your health while playing and post-career

Estate Planning and Trust Services

 Estate and trust plan creation tailored to individual objectives, family dynamics and charitable wishes

In addition, we have dedicated wealth advisors who understand the nuances that come with playing different professional sports, including one who is an NFLPA Registered Player Financial Advisor.

Learn more about how our team of specialized advisors works with athletes to build a foundation for today and a plan for the future.

Mariner Wealth Advisors does not provide all services listed in this piece. Some services are provided by affiliates and are subject to additional fees. Additional fees may also apply for tax planning and preparation services.

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