Why Having A Plan For Those With Special Needs Is Important (30:41)

November 6, 2018
One in eight people are related to someone with special needs, according to  Pew Research Center . There is...

Cybersecurity: Is Your Personal Financial Information Protected? (30:27)

October 16, 2018
We are all impacted by cybersecurity. Many firms spend a great deal of money to protect your data, but...

Life Insurance…Do You Know The Many Roles It Can Serve? (25:51)

September 25, 2018
In this episode, we explore the topic of life insurance – why you need it, the role it can...

A Health Savings Account…Is It Right For You? (22:07)

September 5, 2018
For years, HSAs were thought of as “the cheap insurance” because consumers paid more out-of-pocket expenses, which resulted in...

I’ll Take Some Guac With That…Tips On Simplifying Healthy Eating (30:05)

August 14, 2018
Shanna Hutcheson , a registered dietitian, talks about improving your health through what you put in your body. She...

Simplifying the Estate Planning Process (39:45)

July 24, 2018
The good news is that whether you realize it or not, you already have an estate plan. Every state...

Travel Hacks To Simplify Your Life (30:58)

July 3, 2018
Research indicates that people will spend more time planning a vacation than they do their retirement plan. Why not...

Can Money Buy Happiness? (22:57)

June 12, 2018
In our podcast,  Can Money Buy Happiness? , host  Brian Leitner  and guest  Dr. Elizabeth Dunn , a professor...

Simplify Your Environment: Simplify Your Life (23:01)

May 22, 2018
Host  Brian Leitner  welcomes  Kristen Christian  and  Lisa Foley , the owners of  Bee Organized , to this week’s...

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 (30:49)

May 2, 2018
At the end of 2017, President Trump approved the 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA). The new law...

Your Life, Simplified Introduction (2:23)

May 2, 2018
We developed the Your Life, Simplified podcast to share ideas and insights to help people live the best life...

Your Life, Simplified

Let’s face it, life is hectic. Our podcast focuses on making your life’s about putting life in perspective and having a game plan.


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