A Season of Gratitude & Giving

A Season of Gratitude & Giving

November 17, 2020
As we approach the holidays and gather with family, feelings of gratitude and sharing often arise. In thinking about...
Athletes Unlimited A New Way to Play

Athletes Unlimited: A New Way to Play

October 27, 2020
Most of us know at least the basics of softball, volleyball and lacrosse and that the team with the...
Your Life Simplified - Honoring Hispanic Heritage

Honoring Hispanic Heritage

October 16, 2020
As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate a few individuals...
Your Life Simplified - ABCs of Medicare

ABCs of Medicare…an Introduction to the Different Parts

October 6, 2020
As we age – or face an event that results in disabilities – we all will have to make...
Your Life Simplified - A Transition Not a Transaction

It’s a Transition, Not a Transaction: Selling Your Business Without Regret

September 15, 2020
After spending years building up a business, many people may hesitate when it comes time to sell off an...
Your Life Simplified - Fore the Love of the Game

Fore the Love of the Game

August 25, 2020
From family fun to competitive atmospheres, golf is a game that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of...
Difficult Conversations Long-Term Care for Loved Ones, Podcast

Difficult Conversations: Long-term Care for Loved Ones

August 4, 2020
Long-term care insurance is just for the elderly or chronically ill, right? While those are common recipients of care,...
Your Life Simplified - The Things Retirees Miss

The Things Retirees Miss

July 7, 2020
When thinking of approaching retirement, common themes that come to mind are spending more time traveling, golfing or with...
Your Life Simplified - Rip Up Your Resume How to Win the Job Search

Rip Up Your Resume: How to Win the Job Search

June 8, 2020
Whether by choice or unexpected circumstances, most people have been on the hunt for a new job at one...

Moody Money: A Look Into Financial Anxiety (25:24)

May 19, 2020
Many of us have experienced some level of stress when it comes to money, but some individuals experience symptoms...
Your Life, Simplified Podcast Episode: Tax Rewind: A Synopsis of the Recent Changes

Tax Rewind: A Synopsis of the Recent Changes (36:52)

April 23, 2020
SECURE Act, CARES Act, Small Business Loans and Paycheck Protection Program. There have certainly been many changes to the...

Coping with a Crisis (25:50)

April 2, 2020
Whether it is a government-issued, stay-at-home order, an unavoidable crisis or market turmoil, sometimes it can feel like control...

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