Your Life Simplified - 5 Tips for Building Wealth - A Guide for the Next Generation

5 Tips for Building Wealth: A Guide for the Next Generation

September 28, 2021
If your child or grandchild is just getting started on their financial journey, from building credit to saving for...

Tales from the Crypto…Understanding Digital Assets

August 18, 2021
Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Digital Ledger Technology. These terms are becoming commonplace in the news cycle, on social media and even...
Women’s Wealth: Beyond Finances

Women’s Wealth: Beyond Finances

June 15, 2021
In the realm of managing finances, there are some key issues that are unique to women. Whether that be...
Your Life, Simplified - Preparing and Paying for College

Preparing – and Paying – for College

May 25, 2021
As students are preparing for their final year of high school and where life may take them after that,...
Vineyard to Glass: The Wine Experience

Vineyard to Glass: The Wine Experience

March 23, 2021
Have you ever wanted to ask a professional vintner what, regardless of cost, makes a good wine or what...
Your Life Simplified - Let Your Conscience Be Your Investing Guide

Let Your Conscience Be Your Investing Guide

February 9, 2021
Many individuals who invest would like to know how their dollar is being put to work while in the...
Your Life Simplified - Working From Home

There’s No Place Like Home…for Work

January 20, 2021
Even before the pandemic, working from home has become a norm in our society. Whether you do your job...
Your Life Simplified - Honoring Hispanic Heritage

Honoring Hispanic Heritage

October 16, 2020
As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate a few individuals...
Your Life Simplified - ABCs of Medicare

ABCs of Medicare…an Introduction to the Different Parts

October 6, 2020
As we age – or face an event that results in disabilities – we all will have to make...

Coronavirus Infecting the Market? (22:19)

March 9, 2020
With drops in the markets over the last two weeks and the spread of the coronavirus, you may have...

New Tax Law Could Impact Your Retirement (27:58)

January 28, 2020
On December 20, 2019, the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act, or the SECURE Act, became law....

Mariner Mail: Your Financial Questions…Answered (33:57)

October 8, 2019
We’ve compiled your top financial questions and are dedicating this episode of Your Life, Simplified to provide answers. Discussing...

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