Professional Athletes

Mariner Wealth Advisors has the expertise to help professional athletes in the NFL, NBA and PGA manage their assets.  

There’s joy in making a short journey last an entire lifetime.

As a professional athlete, the money you make in the game must last long after you retire. Managing sudden wealth can be difficult. It needs to weather a complex income tax system, insure and protect your body from harm, and endure other unexpected obstacles. Unfortunately, many professional athletes are broke within five years of retirement, whether due to living exorbitant lifestyles, financially supporting family and friends, gambling, becoming a victim of fraud and financial scams, or divorce. 

Mariner Wealth Advisors has valuable, core expertise in helping players in the NFL, NBA, MLB and PGA plan and live comfortably and securely throughout their careers and long after retirement. We understand the unique challenges facing professional athletes and provide specialized wealth advice designed specifically to meet their needs:

  • Income tax management and helping navigate the intricacies of the tax system
  • Cash flow management and the challenges of turning sudden wealth into sustainable, lifelong income
  • Analysis and advice regarding private equity or real estate investments—especially those from friends or family members
  • Investment management to preserve wealth and meet goals with the least amount of risk
  • Risk management and insurance to protect against career-ending injuries or accidents
  • Strategies for protecting your wealth, including liability insurance, protected entities, trusts and more
  • Estate planning designed around long-term preservation of wealth
  • How to make the most impactful donations through charitable giving

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Wealth Advice For Professional Athletes