SMS Capital Management Has Changed Its Name And Location: What Does That Mean To You?

As you may know, SMS Capital Management, Inc. (SMS) officially became part of the Mariner Wealth Advisors family on June 30, 2019. Mariner Wealth Advisors is both philosophically and culturally aligned with us when it comes to providing wealth management services. Like us, Mariner Wealth Advisors believes in building deep relationships with clients as a first step to creating a unique and customized wealth plan. They live by the mantra of putting the Client First, Associate Second and Shareholder Last. Moreover, the firm believes in the importance of implementing comprehensive wealth management solutions to help clients achieve their goals. 

For our clients, you will continue to work with the same team, and we anticipate this change to be seamless. As part of joining Mariner Wealth Advisors, though, we have moved to their existing Houston location. Our new address is:

1800 Bering Drive, Suite 250
Houston, TX 77057
Phone Number: 713- 623-1534 

For clients wanting to log in to their portal, simply click the link below, or click the MarinerGPS link in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Either link will take you to the portal login. 

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