The Mission Of Mariner

October 21, 2016

Marty Bicknell, CEO and president: When we originally founded the firm, our objective was to provide wealth advice to individuals. Wealth advice to us goes beyond just investments. Investments are a very important component of wealth advice, but what we wanted to do was really help support our clients through all phases of their life. Things like helping them decide how they’re going to think about being charitable.

Things like helping understand how I’m going to pass our closely-held business or our property, or how am I going to make sure that if we have a sudden event in our lives, our kids are taken care of and thought about. We quickly realized that while all our intentions were in the right spot, in order to be able to truly accomplish what we wanted to for our clients, we had to grow. So we set out on a mission 10 years ago to grow what we felt like was a financial services firm that put the clients’ interests above everybody else’s and could truly have the resources to take them through all the steps of their life.

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