Another Gift for your College Graduate
May. 8, 2019 Article

Another Gift For Your College Graduate


Have a family member that recently graduated? Share this article with them to help them consider a unique approach to the job hunt.

Each year as Spring turns to Summer, thousands of new college graduates leave their student days behind and begin the task of finding their first job. While every person has different interests, personalities and approaches to what they want from their professional lives, below are some best practices in how recent grads should approach their job hunt. 

Find Your Passion: Are you a math whiz? Is social media #everything to you? Thinking about what you enjoy and where your educational strengths and skills lie can be advantageous in finding a career path that keeps you engaged and fulfilled. Thinking outside the box is helpful in this process. Just because you major in finance, as an example, doesn’t mean you couldn’t look for a job that utilizes your talent for computer programming. 

For graduates unsure of what area of work is best for them, internships are also a great way to gain experience and learn about different areas within any industry. For example, while Ford Motor Company focuses on manufacturing cars and trucks, it also has a marketing department that concentrates on how the vehicles are branded.

Building a Resume: Resume formatting can vary widely between industries, but Microsoft Word or a quick Google search can yield multiple examples for any job type. However, the general rule is that a resume should be concise and free of grammatical errors applies to any job application. Skills and experience on a resume will tell an employer about an applicant’s background, but proper spelling and wording conveys how much a candidate truly wants a position. Proofreading a resume several times before submitting it can ensure the resume is well drafted and fits the job being applied for. In addition, don’t wait until it is too late to build up pertinent job experience. Internships, paid or unpaid, part-time work and full-time experience will help build a resume worth reviewing.

Research & Network: Hiring Managers note that the current job market for recent grads is very competitive, so differentiating oneself is key. In the digital age of online job listings, it’s easy to just submit an application via a website and wait for a response, but that often isn’t enough. Reaching out to professionals via LinkedIn or asking personal contacts for informational interviews are great ways to gain a better understanding of an industry and expands your network of contacts…which could increase the likelihood of finding a job.

Nail the Interview: You’ve been called for an interview. Congrats! Now the real work begins. Promptness and courteousness are incredibly important. If a hiring manager schedules a call or requests information in advance, make sure responses are made timely. Dress professional, greet the interviewer with a strong handshake, and after the interview, be sure to send a thank you note. Research the role being interviewed for and make sure you have a firm understanding of the company as a whole. These seemingly common-sense steps are prominent among hiring managers as being some of the most crucial aspects of setting a candidate apart from their peers. 

Final Tips: Finding a first job out of school can be a daunting task filled with unknowns, but it’s important for new grads to keep things in perspective and be persistent. Throughout the process, do things to maintain a healthy lifestyle and continually work to market yourself. Small things like making sure a LinkedIn profile is up-to-date or cleaning up social media posts can provide a sense of accomplishment and be beneficial for a job search in the long run. Also, don’t be afraid to ask others to help you make connections. Often these people can help you get the foot in the door. Good luck!

P.S. As you pass along this important article, consider offering the gift of your time. That is your time to review resumes, conduct mock interviews and even introduce them to contacts in your network.


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