2020 Crystal Ball Mid-Year Review

2020 Crystal Ball Mid-Year Review

July 23, 2020
Nothing was calm about the first half of 2020. After one of the worst closes on record to the...

Market Update April 14, 2020 with Jeff Krumpelman and Katrina Scott.

April 14, 2020
Katrina Scott , chief investment officer, and Jeff Krumpelman , chief investment strategist, share their views on why most...

Market Update March 24, 2020 with Jeff Krumpelman and Katrina Scott

March 24, 2020
Our Chief Investment Officer Katrina Scott and Chief Investment Strategist Jeff Krumpelman share their current thoughts on the markets,...

Market Update March 16, 2020 with Jeff Krumpelman, Bill Greiner & Katrina Scott

March 16, 2020
As markets plunge over continued coronavirus concerns, the Fed slashes its benchmark interest rate to near zero, and headlines...

Market Update with Jeff Krumpelman

March 12, 2020
With today’s decline in the market mostly driven by fear of the unknown, our own Jeff Krumpelman gives an...

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