Create a Will and Trusts to Protect Your Assets and Loved Ones

Create a Will and Trusts to Protect Your Assets and Loved Ones

November 5, 2020
Beloved Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman sadly died without a will. What does that mean for his wife? She...
Don’t Put it Off Review Your Estate Plan

Don’t Put it Off—Review Your Estate Plan

September 29, 2020
An estate plan review may rank right up there with doing your taxes, so you’ve likely been putting it...
Choosing a trustee family or third party

Choosing a Trustee: Family or Third Party?

July 1, 2020
Setting up a trust helps protect your assets and how they are distributed during your life and for future...
Rethinking Beneficiaries for Your Estate

Rethinking Beneficiaries for Your Estate

June 16, 2020
Given recent legislative changes, you might want to review, and potentially update, your estate plan. The SECURE Act of...
Tax Advantages To Combining College Funding with Estate Planning

Tax Advantages To Combining College Funding with Estate Planning

February 17, 2020
When planning for a loved one’s education, it might make sense to combine college saving with estate planning. In...

The Responsibilities of a Trustee

September 19, 2019
When planning for your family’s future, one of the most important considerations is deciding who will care for your...
A Letter of Instruction

A Letter of Instruction – Providing Peace and Comfort to Your Loved Ones

July 28, 2019
Q: Why is it important for people to have a letter of instruction? A:  A letter of instruction...

A Starting Place: Planning for Dementia & Alzheimer’s

June 5, 2019
It usually starts slowly — a family member can’t find the car keys or reads an article about a...

Social Media & iTunes Accounts Can (And Should) Be Part Of Your Estate Plan

April 29, 2019
Q: What is a Digital Asset? A:  Digital assets are any type of digital content owned by an...

Ready, Planning & ABLE: Special Accounts for Individuals With Disabilities

November 6, 2018
One of the newer additions to the financial planning toolbox in recent years, ABLE accounts (The Stephen Beck Jr....

How To Disinherit Your Children Without Even Trying

December 2, 2016
What if you accidentally disinherited your children? It happens more often than you might think. Read the fictional scenario...

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