Your New London Team has Joined Mariner Wealth Advisors

What Does That Mean to You?

Your New London team joined Mariner Wealth Advisors on Dec. 29, 2021.

We look forward to continuing to serve our clients and believe that joining Mariner Wealth Advisors now is the right step for the future. Mariner Wealth Advisors brings people, tools and resources to support our team and you for the years to come.

Expanded Services & Resources

This move will strengthen our investment bench and expand our ability to offer a variety of services (including trust services, in-house estate planning, in-house tax planning and preparation, institutional cash management and expanded investment offerings) as we see the need in your particular situation.

Consistent Client Service

We will continue to manage your portfolio(s) and be your financial quarterback. Your account custodian will not change. We are very excited about the opportunity to join Mariner Wealth Advisors. We feel a strong connection to their client first philosophy and know that this move will enhance the services we are able to offer our current clients and the generations to come.

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