Risk Management

Insurance and risk management resources

Consider every aspect of your journey.

We understand the importance of incorporating insurance into our overall wealth planning strategy. Our experienced consultants specialize in minimizing risks you may not want to take. In addition to insurance solutions for individuals and families like yours, we specialize in generational wealth transfer, business succession, executive compensation, asset protection and charitable gift planning.

Our experienced insurance and benefit design professionals create custom solutions to support:

  • Wealth transfer and estate plan modeling
  • Executive benefit programs
  • Life insurance audits
  • Income protection strategies
  • Long-term care expense mitigation
  • Estate tax elimination strategies
  • Analysis of major insurance companies, evaluating products and recommending options based on your situation

With a focus on commonsense design, review and implementation of insured solutions for businesses and families with specific wealth protection, transfer or accumulation goals, we address the following questions: 

  • What type and how much life insurance is needed to accomplish your goals?  
  • Have you considered the income consequences if you become disabled?
  • Have you considered other methods of transferring your wealth to your family and charity that could lower your income tax liability today?
  • Are you aware of tax-advantaged insured investment strategies?
  • What can be done to preserve your wealth from income and estate taxation?

* Mariner Wealth Advisors is under common control with insurance agencies. Certain of our representatives are licensed insurance agents with those agencies and are compensated for the sale of insurance-related products.