About Us

About Us

The Mariner Story.

When the wealth management firm he worked for lost its focus on its clients and turned instead to focusing on the bottom line, Marty Bicknell and seven of his associates left to begin their own firm with one goal: to build a firm that always put clients first—a firm they could be proud of.

In 2006, they founded Mariner Wealth Advisors with $300 million in assets under management (AUM) and the mission of helping clients and their families navigate their financial futures, charting a course toward achieving their financial goals today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Everything we’ve built since then has been on this foundation. Everyone has been rooted in the desire to fulfill the evolving needs of our clients, and everyone has shared our priorities and commitment.

Today, nearly ten years later, we have grown to more than 600 employees in offices across the country and substantially more AUM, but we have not lost sight of the promise that caused us to begin this journey in the first place:

Clients first. Employees second. Shareholders last.

Whether creating new wealth, managing existing wealth, or protecting the wealth you’ve built, we will help you navigate your financial future.

Mariner Wealth Advisors is part of the Mariner family of companies.

The Mariner Family of Companies