Your Team Of Resources

Place experience at the helm.

As your advocate, we provide peace of mind by insulating you against issues others may not have considered. We believe the best advice is centered around anticipating and solving problems, such as current and future exposure to financial risks. Your advisor, has a team of professionals who have experience in different areas such as risk management, tax and more. Together, with your advisor, this team looks out for your best interests and works together to help you meet your goals.

Jadin Winber - Mariner Trust and Estate Planning

Trust and Estate Planning

Whether you wish to leave a legacy to your heirs or to a favored organization, we help you develop a strategy to meet your goals while maximizing your potential wealth transfer. 


Bob Soza

Tax Consulting and Preparation

Given today's rapidly changing tax environment, it's important to consider tax strategies when developing your overall wealth plan. Our experienced professionals help you develop efficient tax planning strategies as part of your holistic wealth plan.  


Ed Simms

Risk Management

Our experienced risk management team works with your advisor to minimize risks or challenges that could derail your plan to achieve your goals. With your plan in mind, we develop insurance solutions that coincide with your overall wealth strategy.


Rob Woodard

Mariner Institutional Consulting

Our experienced professionals provide institutional clients with independent, objective advice and sophisticated investment strategies based on a combination of time-tested investment techniques and a deep understanding of the current market environment.


David Holzman, President of Mariner Capital Advisors

Specialized Business Services

Business owners benefit from the experience and guidance of Mariner Capital Advisors, which provides unparalleled investment banking, valuation, forensic and business advisory services to help navigate the many challenges you face while running your company. 


Luis Filipe, Vice President, Enterprise Risk Strategies

Enterprise Risk Strategies

Provides entrepreneurs with unique risk management tools and support to control their insurance costs with private insurance companies. 


David Stofer Mariner Retirement Advisors

Mariner Retirement Advisors

Mariner Retirement Advisors has one goal: To build and manage a retirement plan that helps companies attract and retain the best employees...and that gives your employees the peace of mind and financial independence to retire on their own terms.  


Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee, made up of professionals with diverse experience and backgrounds in different areas of the market, oversee your investments. Together, they provide the insight and experience necessary to help your advisor devise a plan to reach your financial goals. These may include strategic and tactical asset allocation modeling, investment strategy due diligence and oversight, portfolio construction, risk management and long-term vision of expected returns in the markets. They also serve as an integral part of our due diligence and model portfolio processes, aiming to deliver competitive and sustainable returns no matter what obstacles may arise.