Faith Read Xenos, Managing Director and Senior Wealth Advisor

Faith Read Xenos, CFP®

Director & Senior Wealth Advisor

Coral Gables, FL

As a director and senior wealth advisor, Faith focuses on providing strategic financial advice and innovative wealth planning solutions to companies, families and, in particular, women. In fact, in 2019, Barron’s ranked her among the Top 100 women Financial Advisors.

Prior to joining Mariner Wealth Advisors, Faith was a co-founding partner of Singer Xenos Schechter Sosler, a wealth management firm in southern Florida. While at Singer Xenos Schechter Sosler, Faith developed the Women’s Financial Services division to help address specific wealth challenges that women generally encounter.

Faith attended Miami Dade Community College and the University of Miami and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. In addition to authoring articles for the South Florida Business Journal, The Miami Herald and Coral Gables Gazette, she also has been profiled in numerous publications, including Working Woman, Miami Today, Florida Trend and more.

Barron’s - Top 100 Women Financial Advisors – Faith Read Xenos 2019: #68 and 2018: #64. Rankings based on data provided by individual advisors and their firms. Advisor data is confirmed via regulatory databases, crosschecks with securities firms and conversations with individual advisors. The formula Barron’s uses to rank advisors is proprietary and has three major components: assets managed, revenue produced and quality of practice. Investment returns are not a component of the rankings because an advisor’s returns are dictated largely by the risk tolerance of clients. The quality-of-practice component includes an evaluation of each advisor’s regulatory record. The award is not indicative of future performance and there is no guarantee of future investment success. For additional information, visit