Investment Management

 Investment Management: Strategies to Help You Reach Your Destination

Utilizing A Broad Range of Asset Classes

We take a proactive approach by diversifying client portfolios among multiple asset classes, which may include cash, fixed income, equities, real assets and alternative investments. We may utilize both active and passive strategies and, within each asset class, we consider different styles and strategies available.

Constructing Portfolios That Meet Your Needs

Establishing Your “Baseline” Asset Allocation Ranges

When working with you to build your portfolio, we consider your unique objectives, risk tolerances and constraints. After gaining an understanding of what is important to you and where you fall on the risk spectrum, we determine an appropriate investment mix to help you achieve your goals. A target range is defined for each asset class, and periodically your advisory team will review your portfolio to ensure you are in line with your risk tolerance and objectives.

Tactical Asset Allocation Adjustments

While we strive to maintain a long-term, strategic investment focus, we continually assess market conditions based on our research process and a disciplined review of each asset class.

Fundamental analysis may include, but is not limited to, an assessment of elements such as economic and interest rate trends, anticipated Central Bank policy decisions, currency swings and the direction of earnings growth. Individual security fundamental analysis includes, among other things, evaluating strength of company management, sustainable competitive advantage, or direction of earnings estimates. We also assess valuation of asset classes and individual securities to help ensure we are not overpaying for the fundamentals. In addition to fundamentals and valuations, we may also conduct technical analysis to track the price trend and prevailing sentiment or psychology about an asset class or security.

By focusing on all three of these components, we are able to assess whether or not tactical allocations may be beneficial to client portfolios.

Customized Strategies

Because we know each client situation is unique, we have an open architecture framework with the ability to use both third-party managers and in-house solutions to better serve client needs. Portfolios may be constructed using individual securities, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), mutual funds, separately managed accounts and/or limited partnerships. The specific investment products and strategies used are ultimately dependent on a client’s unique needs and circumstances.

Types of strategies that are managed by internal teams include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual equity portfolios
  • Individual fixed income portfolios (taxable and tax-exempt)
  • Options strategies

We believe this process gives our advisors the flexibility to create portfolios that can help meet the individual needs of each client no matter the circumstances.

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