Estate Planning & Trust Services

Estate Planning & Trust Services: A Focus On The Next Generation

A focus on the next generation

Ensuring your wealth is there to provide for your family for generations to come is an important part of your holistic wealth plan. Whether you wish to leave a legacy to your heirs or to a favored organization, Mariner Wealth Advisors is here to help ensure your wishes are carried out. 

In order to maximize your potential wealth transfer, we focus on minimizing taxes and other potential costs. With the guidance of experienced professionals, we work to assess the following:

  • Do your current estate documents reflect your wishes, and how can we ensure they continue to as your life changes?
  • How can we best protect your assets from creditors, and potentially other family members?
  • How do you wish to transfer your assets? Is it important they remain in the bloodline?
  • Do you require assistance in putting together a medical directive and/or power of attorney?
  • What type of legacy do you wish to leave to your heirs, and what strategies can we implement to ensure assets are handed down according to your wishes?
  • Do you wish to leave a financial donation to a charity, and what can we do today to maximize your future donation?
  • Are your loved ones prepared for the administrative burden of serving as a trustee or co-trustee, or does it make sense to utilize a corporate trustee?

In addition, by utilizing Mariner Wealth Advisors’ trust services*, you can create a self-settled trust to help protect your assets from creditors and efficiently distribute your wealth according to your wishes. This asset protection strategy can help shield your family’s wealth and manage unanticipated risks, and can be particularly helpful if you work in a litigious field, such as law or medicine, or if you own your own business. 

*Estate and trust services provided by Mariner Trust Company, an affiliate of Mariner Wealth Advisors.

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