Cash Balance Plan:
A Powerful Retirement Option

For medical and dental professionals, a cash balance plan could help you maximize your retirement assets. For example, you could defer more than $300,000 in addition to your company 401(k) plan deferrals, depending on your age and income.


A cash balance plan also offers the opportunity to reduce your taxes and stabilize the growth of plan assets compared to fixed-rate plans. Watch this 30-minute webinar at your convenience to learn how a cash balance plan could be a beneficial and efficient retirement plan solution.


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We offer services designed to help your practice thrive. Your wealth advisor will collaborate with our in-house teams to provide you with retirement plan solutions, tax strategies, business valuation and other specialty services as part of an integrated wealth plan to meet the needs of your practice.

Benefits of a Market Return Cash Balance Plan

Leveraging our retirement planning experience and resources, we can help you build a more comprehensive retirement plan tailored to your specific needs and answer the following questions:

  • What are cash balance plans?
  • Why might a market return design be better than fixed-rate design?
  • Who are market return cash balance plans ideal for?
  • What are proactive next steps to get started?

Your Presenters

Joshua Goldman Ph.D. CFA Director at Mariner Wealth Advisors

Josh Goldman, Ph.D., CFA

Director & Senior Wealth Advisor

Kyle Neidhardt CFA CPA Director & Senior Wealth Advisor at Mariner Wealth Advisors

Kyle Neidhardt, CFA, CPA

Director & Senior Wealth Advisor

Ann Margaret Donnelly Senior Retirement Plan Advisor at Mariner Wealth Advisors

Ann Margaret Donnelly

Senior Retirement Plan Advisor

Lisa Lowe

Lisa Lowe, QKA

Senior Consultant
October Three

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