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I've heard multiple deadlines around taking required minimum distributions. When is the latest I can receive the distribution?

If you are 70½ years old, the federal government requires an annual required minimum distribution be taken from traditional IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans. The deadline is April 1. LEARN MORE.

President Trump has talked about tax changes. I wonder what I need to know and if I should make changes based on what he has discussed?

President Trump’s tax plan was long on themes and short on details which is common in any campaign. While this approach works for winning the White House, it makes tax planning nearly impossible. With the only guidance for future tax laws being rumor and innuendo, the most prudent tax planning is patience. LEARN MORE.

I understand my minimum distribution requirement, but what happens after I pass? I have set the account up so they go to my spouse and ultimately our two children. Is that right?

Your RMDs from your IRA or retirement plan will cease after your death, but your designated beneficiary (or beneficiaries) will then typically be required to take minimum distributions from the account. A spouse beneficiary may generally roll over an inherited IRA or plan account into an IRA in the spouse’s own name, allowing the spouse to delay taking additional required distributions until he or she reaches age 70½. As with required lifetime distributions, proper planning for required post-death distributions is essential. You should consult an estate planning attorney and/or a tax professional. LEARN MORE.

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