Financially weathering an emotional storm
Jun. 7, 2017 Podcast

Financially Weathering An Emotional Life Transition


Suzanne Wheeler, CFP, AIF, CeFT, is a partner in the Tulsa, Okla., Mariner Wealth Advisors' office. She is the only wealth advisor in the the state of Oklahoma to achieve the special Certified Transitionist certification. 

In the Financially Weathering an Emotional Life Transition podcast, Suzanne discusses with host Tully McCoy how, when money changes hands, life changes as well. Through her experience in helping her clients through transitions, she has learned that people go through four stages when going through an emotional transition. Those stages are:

Stage 1: Anticipation

Stage 2: Ending

Stage 3: Opportunity

Stage 4: The new normal

This podcast walks through these stages and offers advice on how to financially weather these changes. 

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