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Real answers regarding President Trump's proposed tax changes

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I heard President Trump is trying to cut the tax brackets down from seven to three. What does that mean to me? Should I be investing any differently? Are there opportunities I should be aware of?

If President Trump is able to push these tax changes through, most people will be in a lower tax bracket under these updated tax laws. If that is the case, taxpayers might want to consider deferring income, if possible, until the lower tax brackets have been implemented. The opposite is true as it relates to deductions. LEARN MORE.

I know my investments can impact my taxes. What strategies should I be using to reduce my tax bill?

There are a few strategies, such as asset placement, leveraging passive investments and tax loss harvesting, that can be deployed. LEARN MORE ABOUT EACH OF THESE.

I read about a proposal that would substantially increase the standard deduction amount. What are the implications for my situation if I no longer itemize deductions?

President Trump is proposing to change standard deductions, currently at $6,000 for those filing as "single filer" and $12,000 for those filing as "married filing jointly" to $15,000 and $30,000 respectively. Because itemized deductions may be limited in the future, taxpayers might want to consider whether using the standard deduction versus itemizing their deductions would be more appropriate for them. FIND OUT MORE.

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